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Confederate History Instruction:

Teachers, Students, Parents, visit the Georgia Division's CSA History Course. A Southern View of History: The War for Southern Independence-"The Other Side of the Coin" For students, teachers, parents, administrators, school boards.  Any citizen interested in learning the truth about Southern History and "The War for Southern Independence".  This site has a "textbook" with references and illustrations.  Soon to be available for High School level credit.

Information about Confederate History that you most likely DID NOT learn in school! Go to our FAQ page. A listing of Frequently Asked Questions about the War for Southern Independence and the SCV.

Important dates in Confederate History.  Every day is a good day to fly a CSA flag.  here are some specific dates to remember.

Confederate Ancestor Research

How to Research Your Confederate Ancestors and their regiments.  This is a helpful page to get you started on connecting to the brave soldiers of the Confederacy.

National Park Service, Ancestor Research: A page on how to research your Civil War ancestors with further references and suggestions

Georgia Related CSA History Informational Links:


Battles in Georgia:

Causes of Georgia Secessions:

Civil War in Georgia: Many links on this page to references to the WBTS in Georgia as part of Carl Vinson Institute of Government, The University of Georgia

Confederate Cemeteries-Georgia

Confederate Cemetery Lists:   Dedicated to listing all the Final Resting Places of our Beloved Soldiers.  "We will try to list all Burial Places even if only 1 Soldier is buried there this much we owe to them that paid the ultimate price, So they are not Forgotten"

Confederate Monuments of Georgia:

Declaration of Causes of Secession-Georgia

Diary of Maston O'Neal Jr. 1861, Bainbridge, Georgia

Georgia Archives and History Department-Georgia Secretary of State: A link to information services offered by the Georgia Archives

Georgia Battlefields Association: Georgia Battlefields Association is a private, non-profit (501(c)3) group that works with government agencies and other preservation organizations at the national, state, and local levels to save historic sites from being built on and paved over.

Georgia Blue-Gray Museum: Fitzgerald, GA

Georgia's Blue-Gray Trail (NW Georgia)

Georgia Civil War Commission:

Georgia Civil War Soldiers Index: The Georgia Civil War Soldiers Index is an alphabetical listing of most soldiers serving the state of Georgia during the War Between the States. In all, the list contains over 211,000 records, with more to come in the next few months. 

Georgia's Confederate Generals

Georgia Constitution 1861:

Georgia Historical Society:

Georgia Soldiers Write Home-Letters and diaries from Georgia 1861-1865

Georgia Pension Records: Georgia State University is undertaking this community service project to provide access to the Georgia Department of Archives and History's collection of microfilmed pension records of Georgia confederate civil war veterans and their widows.

Georgia Rosters: A site that has links to rosters of men who served with various Georgia regiments.

Georgia State Guard, Georgia State Line, Georgia Reserves: A link to help you understand and learn about these special Georgia regiments.

Georgia Units by Confederate designated numbers. 

Georgia Units by Local Names

Jefferson Davis Park: Irwinville, Irwin Co, GA-the site of President Davis' capture.

Jefferson Davis, President, Confederate States of America A web page at Rice University dedicated to the study of President Davis. Includes intensive access to his personal papers.

Local Names for Georgia Companies: This site provides an alphabetical list to the "local" or county names the regiments of Georgia were known by.

Macon Confederate Armory:

Maps of Georgia (Mid 1860's):

Museum of Colquitt County History: A site which includes a visual tour of this Southwest Georgia Museum.  Several pages on the Confederate Room are featured.

Organization of the Georgia Military: A "Frequently Asked Questions" page to help you with terms and definitions when researching Georgia regiments.

Photographs-Georgia in the WBTS:

The Civil War in Georgia-Regimental Links

The Civil War in Georgia-Solider Index.


Washington Genealogy Library, Macon, GA: The library has graciously agreed to provide a Georgia Solider "Look-up" service. Please follow the guidelines. Submit ONLY 2 Soldier's names at one time. (Can reorder after receipt of research) 40 cent per page, plus postage, to be paid upon receiving material. GEORGIA RECORDS ONLY!  No email requests accepted at this time


Genealogy & History Room

Washington Memorial Library

1180 Washington Avenue

Macon, Georgia 31201



Regimental Research by CSA state:

Confederate Regimental History Links: Links to regiments in other states.

Link to other CSA Regimental researchers.  Find them on line at: regiments in CSA states A-M, and regiments in CSA states N-V.





Kentucky (CSA): 




North Carolina:

South Carolina: 








Confederate History Sites

Confederate Currency, Bonds, Coins and Stamps A great resource page to view samples of these items from the Confederacy.

Confederate Generals-Biographies: A site with the biographies of many of the generals of the CSA.  Some with photos.

Confederate Generals-Portraits:

Confederate Information Gallery:

Confederate Military Units by Designation

Confederate Navy Research Center: dedicated to the memory of the gallant and too often unknown sailors and marines of the War For Southern Independence.

Confederate Stamps and Postal History:

Constitution of the Confederate States of America

C.S.S. Hunley Indexes and Friends of the Hunley

National Park Service-Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System Index: The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System is a computerized database containing very basic facts about servicemen who served on both sides during the Civil War. The initial focus of the CWSS is the Names Index Project, a project to enter names and other basic information from 5.4 million soldier records in the National Archives. The facts about the soldiers are being entered from records that are indexed to many millions of other documents about Union and Confederate Civil War soldiers maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration.

National Park Service-Regimental Information: Sources of Confederate Regimental Histories and Rosters.

Rosters of Confederate Soldiers: A page with links by state to various regimental rosters.

U.S. Army Heritage Collection on Line:  Links to references:  Here you will find a searchable catalog, bibliographies on Confederates and Confederate regiments, photos digitized documents, and more

WBTS Prisons: This site has several links to WBTS Prisons.  Some include rosters and maps.  See Elmira NY, Champ Chase OH, Camp Douglas IL and others.

WBTS campaign summaries:



"Warriors of the Wiregrass"

 Would you like to learn more about Georgia regiments and also help support the cause of Southern Heritage? 

Order your copy of "Warriors of the Wiregrassa soft-bound, 8-1/2 x 11 publication, consisting 500 pages, covering the history of 14 Regiments Georgia Regiments:

1st Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 4th Cavalry (Clinch), 10th Battalion Infantry, 11th Cavalry-State Guards, 20th Battalion Cavalry, 20th Volunteer Infantry, 29th Volunteer Infantry, 49th Volunteer Infantry, 50th Volunteer Infantry, 54th Volunteer Infantry, 61st Volunteer Infantry, 63rd Volunteer Infantry. 64th Volunteer Infantry, and Coffee County Revengers Local Defense information on researching Confederate ancestors, obtaining Veterans Administration grave markers for Confederate veterans, SCV Iron Crosses and more.

The author has donated all profits from the sale of this book directly to the Moultrie SCV Camp to support Confederate History and Heritage preservation programs and the continuing fight to save our Southern Heritage. The retail price is $50.00 plus $5.00 shipping. Not a bad price when compared to single abbreviated regimental histories sold by others "up North" at $8-$15 each or cost of $112-$210 if purchased separately and having much less detail!  Discounts for current SCV & UDC members (20% off) and for bulk orders, schools, libraries, and teachers. Please contact the camp for discount information.

If you are interested send a check or money order made payable to the Moultrie SCV Camp #674  to: P.O. Box 1213 Moultrie, GA 31776.  Please include your name, address, and phone number.

Inquiries about the book, discounts, ordering, or content can be sent via email to Mr. Jack Bridwell, Moultrie SCV Camp or calling  (229) 985-8409

Please pass along to others as every book sold goes to preserve our Southern Heritage.

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