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Confederate Flag History

NOTE: The following information is provided as a general guide to the flags of the Confederate States of America. There were many variations in the flags and particularly the battle flags. This page will give you good background information on the CSA flags but can not in the space here cover all the variations, materials,…

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Research Your Confederate Ancestors

  Confederate Ancestor Research A common question that we receive is: How can I find out if an ancestor fought in the war and how do I find out about his service? The SCV has resources and help available at www.scv.org/genealogy.php.  On this page have come up with a generalized outline to help get you…


Greenfield Cabin Historical Restoration Project

The John K. McNeill SCV Camp 674 of Moultrie, Georgia has begun the process of rebuilding and restoring the most significant piece of Confederate history in the area of Colquitt County. We would like to give a brief synopsis of this area and why we feel it deserves the efforts of the Georgia Division for…

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Warriors of the Wiregrass

Would you like to learn more about Georgia regiments and also help support the cause of Southern Heritage? Order your copy of “Warriors of the Wiregrass” a soft-bound, 8-1/2 x 11 publication, consisting 500+ pages, covering the history of 14 Regiments Georgia Regiments: 1st Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 4th Cavalry (Clinch), 10th Battalion Infantry, 11th Cavalry-State…